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Spiritual Gifts

Episode 8 - Fulfillment and Discovering Our Spiritual Gifts - Find Fulfillment In Being One of God’s Servants and learn 3 Steps For Discovering Our Spiritual Gifts.

Part 3 of Enjoying The Christian Walk and Living Without Regret

Do you enjoy serving God? Today, we are thinking about finding fulfilment in being one of God’s servants.  Learn about:

-2 Things that will help us to find fulfillment in serving God -2 Ways God has equipped us so that we can be effective servants for Him -What spiritual gifts are and what ‘the measure of faith’ is from Romans 12:3 -Why it’s worth the time to discover and use your spiritual gift -3 Steps for discovering our spiritual gifts -Evaluating our service for God: Asking the SERVE questions.

Our Scripture is Romans 12:2-8

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