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Become Confident

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Episode 1 - Do you enjoy sharing? Do you feel confident? Learn 4 important habits that can transform your enthusiasm for evangelism.

Be ready for the opportunities that God will bring your way.

For those of us who are Christians, one of the greatest privileges that we have is the chance to be used by God to help others who are on the path to Christ.  If you have ever felt unprepared for a conversation about the Gospel, or maybe even a little intimidated, you’re not alone.

I’ve felt the same way. But things began to change for me when I began to prepare for evangelism on a regular basis.

Prepare To Share  [2:15]

Here are 4 good habits to develop that will help us to prepare for personal evangelism.

1. The first way [02:08] that we can prepare is by reviewing and even practicing our presentation of the Gospel message – so that we can give it in a clear and simple way. Our Scripture was Colossians 4:4

If you want to enjoy giving the Gospel, then find a method that you enjoy. A method that you will be happy to review, and happy to practice.

2. The second way [04:39], is developing the habit of preparing the way for the Gospel message to be received. And, we do this by being kind in our speech toward everyone we meet. We looked at Colossians 4:5 – 6 and saw why this habit was important.

3. The third [08:02] way to prepare is to become familiar with the topics and questions that are important to people who might be thinking about God. This came from 1 Peter [3:15].

Developing the habit of taking just a few minutes a week, and researching the right perspective on a tough question is one of the best habits that you and I can have.

4. A fourth [13:12] way to prepare is to develop the habit of praying – the habit of asking for God’s help.

We looked at praying about 3 areas:

1) Open doors to share the Gospel, Colossians 4:3.

2) That God would give us the words to speak so that we might have boldness, with gentleness and respect, Ephesians [6:19] and 1 Peter [3:15].

3) We need to be asking God to work in the heart of the person that we are talking with about Christ. In Romans 10:1, Paul prays for the people of Israel that they would be saved.

Christianity in Japan – Missionary Interview  [23:05]

Then, we listened to part 1 of an interview from Japan with missionary Mark Wolter.

Learn more about the Wolter family serving in Japan by visiting their website at

Satisfaction That Comes From Sharing Our Faith  [29:20]

Do you sometimes lack the motivation to begin turning a conversation towards the Gospel?

Talking with someone about Christianity is not something that is meant to be awkward and uncomfortable – instead, it’s something that can be quite enjoyable – really satisfying for our souls!

If you are already enjoying the satisfaction that comes from knowing God, don’t miss out on the satisfaction that comes from being used by God.

From the story in John 4 we learned that personal evangelism is like food: it is both satisfying, and energizing!

I would love to hear your ideas.

Do you have some other tips that will help us in  preparing to share our faith? If so, what are they?  

Or, is there a particular method you like? 

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