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Resources offered by others can be helpful . . .

There are a lot of great Christian websites on the internet these days. Some sites are for selling, while others are for giving free information. And, of course, there are sites which do a combination of both.

Here, I have made an attempt to provide links to sites which focus on providing free resources, or very inexpensive products. In this way, our Christian brothers and sisters from around the world (even those who may not have much money) may have a place to go where there is an access to a wealth of Christian information and encouragement.

. . . when viewed with Biblical discernment.

Often, dedicated Christians who agree on the major doctrines of the faith, may also have certain disagreements. Sometimes, believers with different views, could also be used of God to encourage us in other areas of Christian living. Rather than shun those with whom we don't always see "eye to eye", why not genuinely love them and learn what we can from them? After all, if they are truly followers of Christ, then they are "family".

We can be confident about what we believe, while also being humble enough to acknowledge that God is using others, who may not think exactly like us.

I want to encourage you to view all websites through a lens of Biblical discernment. If the ideas or lifestyles presented do not blend with Scriptural principles, then be loyal to the Word.

Don't be a stranger. If you feel the need, write.

Realize that these links could provide other links to different ministry sites, which I might not agree with. In providing a link, I am not also providing an endorsement of everything another ministry may offer at their site.

Generally, the links to the right are in agreement with our "Key Beliefs" pages. If you find yourself "concerned" about one of these ministry links, please feel free to write me about it, with some solid reasons as to why you do not think the website link should be here.

If you have discovered that a link no longer works as intended (sometimes other sites make changes), or if you have other comments and suggestions, you can send those also. It would be great to hear from you.

Just email me at

I hope you find this resource as helpful as I have.

Gaining from the Godly wisdom of others,

Rudy Vaughan

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June 2009, Oostende


July 2009, Oostende


September 2001, Santa Cruz (Young church, new Christians)


June 2006, Sao Jose dos Campos (Missionary Family, Churches)


May 2004, Winnipeg, Manitoba (Renovated health club)


May 2004, Steinbach, Manitoba (Testimony of converted Nun)


January 2006, London area (churches and missionaries)


March 2005, Dinan (Missionary couples work together)


June 2005, Paris, (35 years as missionaries)


January 2010, Paris,France -Marriage Encouragement


July 2002,Heinsburg (Missionary couple to the military)


October 2002, Heinsburg (Bible Conference)


July 2005, Cologne (Multi-cultural church, marriage intimacy)


November 2005, Cologne,Bielefeld (Seminar, Nigerian pastor)


April 2006, Cologne (Curious about Christianity)


May 2006, Bielefeld (Church comes through challenging days)


February 2008, Cologne (Recognizing God's vision for my life)


August 2007, Hong Kong (Two churches, two islands) Video


September 2007, Hong Kong (Youth Service)


January 2011, Hong Kong (Youth Service)


November 2001, Mumbai (Ministry lunch, area churches)


January 2002, (Indian rural villages, Pastors conference)


June/July 2002, Mumbai (Churches, school, changed Hindu)


October 2002, Mumbai (God is Light, presents for orphanage)


March 2003, Mumbai, (Christian school, orphanage help)


March 2004, Mumbai, (Bombay)


November 2004, Mumbai, (Bombay)


May 2005, Mumbai, Youth Service (Method for evangelism)


October 2003, (Tokyo area, Osaka area)


October 2005, (Tokyo Baptist Church Singles Retreat)


September 2006, (Tokyo Singles Meeting)


October 2006, Kyoto (Getting a vision for your Christian life!)


May 2007, Kyoto area (Youth Bible Study)


June 2007, Trip #51, Kyoto area


June 2011, Kyotanabe - 2 Ways To Live Class


January 2011, Kyotanabe - youth meeting -video


June 2012, Kyotanabe - Parenting Seminar


January 2013 - School meetings in Kyotanabe


October 2004, Nairobi, Nakuru (Marriage seminar in Swahili)


June 2006, Chihuahau (Four Respond to the Gospel)


August 2009, Eidenhoven


August 2002 (National pastor & missionaries)


September 2002 (Meetings in churches & schools)


July 2003 (Meetings in churches & a Bible Institute)


February 2004 (The Horn Family & Trinity Baptist Church)


August 2004 (Building project begins for group of believers)


August 2005 (Freedom Everyone Should Have)


February 2006 (Churches and Prison Ministry)


December 2006 - January 2007 (Preparing to be used of God)


November 2007 - (Two churches and meeting for area pastors)


April 2006 (Youth Leadership Conference and Church)


August 2006 (Small Group Bible Study)


December 2004, IBC Singapore (A Fresh Start in Marriage)


February 2002, Songtan


March 2003, Songtan


July/August 2004 (Youth Camp & Songtan)


April 2007 (Ministry school chapel- Future marriage choice)


July 2010 (Summer Youth Camp)


April 2011 - SYME Ministry School


October 2012 - SYME Ministry School


January 2004, Taipei


August 2004, Taipei


November 2004, Taipei


August 2005, Hsin Chuang (Intimacy in Marriage)


September 2005 (Taipei, Freedom Everyone Should Have)


October 2006, Hsin Chuang (Tools for effective service)


April 2007, Taipei (1 John, Relationship and Fellowship)


October 2010, Taipei - Taipei Glory Church


December 2010, Up in the mountains, near Taipei


February 2010, Kampala (Marriage Ministry Weekend) Video not up yet.